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Shea Childs is a Certified Professional Midwife licensed by the state of Arkansas as an LLM.  She has an office in both North Little Rock and Hot Springs. She has been attending births professionally since 2007, and served over 500 families as they birthed their babies into the world. Her passion for the sanctity of home birth began with the births of her own two daughters.  



"Midwifery care is a safe, affordable option for low risk women.  I offer free consultations to families who are interested in midwife services and childbirth options."




I believe that natural birth is inherently safe and that our bodies carry the wisdom to create, grow and bear life with loving support.  I believe every newborn should be treated tenderly and with respect. As a home birther myself, I trusted the skill of my midwives and the honesty with which they shared information.


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