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Payment information::

Midwife Services::

The cost for midwife services is $5000 whether we meet at 6 or 34 weeks. The earlier in your pregnancy we begin seeing each other, the more time we have to build a solid, trusting relationship that promotes a positive birthing experience. Every family's budget is different and I am open to payment plans that suit your particular situation. You may make payments throughout your pregnancy or pay in one lump sum, as long as the fee is paid in full by the 36th week.  Please talk to me about payment plans and arrangements if you have any questions- I'm happy to help you find the best option for you!  


My fee includes:

- Complete prenatal care                                       - Two licensed midwives at your delivery 

- Labor and immediate postpartum care            - Full newborn exam 

- On-call availability from 37-42 weeks.               - Unlimited phone/text consultation 

- On-going postpartum care for 6 weeks            - Education for a positive birth and newborn experience 

- Access to the lending library                               - Access to resources to improve educated decision making     


My fee does not include: 

 - Insurance costs                                                    - Pool rental 

 - lab fees                                                                  - Ultrasounds

 - Birth Supplies (here is the link to my required birth supplies)


​You have several options for the services not included in my fee.  I'll be happy to discuss the most cost effective way to cover these additional items at the free one hour consultation!


Water Birth::

The cost for a water birth is an additional $150 for pool rental.





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